62 console commands for Crysis 3 - GAMERCONFIG
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62 console commands for Crysis 3

  1. cl_bobhud "1.0" // Controls the amount of bob hud which is applied.
  2. cl_crouchToggle // Makes the crouch key work as a toggle. on
  3. cl_FOV // The main field of view
  4. cl_sensitivity "30.0" // Sets mouse sensitivity.
  5. cl_zoomToggle "on" // Makes the zoom key work as a toggle.
  6. e_CoverageBufferReproj "on" // Controls the internal occlusion culling. You shouldn’t need to modify this cvar, but if you encounter any popping with rapid moving, experiment with disabling this.
  7. e_GI // Enables or disables real-time Global Illumination. Default Value: Off (Low), On (Medium/High/Very High)
  8. e_GICache "7" // Sets the number of frames to cache GI results for before regenerating. A value of 0 disables all caching and regenerates GI every frame
  9. e_GIIterations "10" // Sets the number of iterations to perform when calculating Global Illumination. A higher number will reduce bleeding and lengthen the light propagation distance
  10. e_GsmCache // Saves GPU performance by updating distant shadows less often. Default Value: On (Low) Off (Medium/High/Very High)
  11. e_LodRatio // Controls how close objects drop to lower Levels Of Detail. A higher number means a longer distance before this drop happens. Default Value: 4 (Low), 6 (Medium) 20 (High), 40 (Very High)
  12. e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist // Distance fudge-factor where interactive grass instances will stop animating. Default Value: 4.5 (Low/Medium/High) 8.0 (Very High)
  13. e_MergedMeshesViewDistRatio "50" // Multiplier controlling where chunks of interactive grass instances will disappear in the distance.
  14. e_ParticlesForceSoftParticles // Forces all possible particles to use soft intersections with geometry – increases the cost but will all but eliminate hard edges on particles. Default Value: Off (Low/Medium/High), On (Very High)
  15. e_ParticlesMotionBlur // Enables or disables motion blur effect on fast moving particles. Default Value: Off (Low/Medium/High), On (Very High)
  16. e_ParticlesObjectCollisions // Controls what objects particles will collide with. Default Value: Static (Low/Medium), Dynamic (High/Very High) None: No particle collisions at all. Static: Particles tagged for collisions will interact with static objects. Dynamic: As with Static, but dynamic objects also.
  17. e_ShadowsMaxTexRes // Sets the size of each sun shadow cascade – increased size produces more resolution available for sun shadows. Default Value: 512 (Low), 1024 (Medium/High/Very High)
  18. e_ShadowsPoolSize // Sets the size of the shadow pool render target – increased size produces more resolution available for, and fewer artifacts in shadow casting lights (NOT including the sun). Value should be a power of 2 (128, 256, …). If the pool is too small to fit the minimum size for the shadow casting lights, the GPU will thrash and performance will be severely impacted. Default Value: 2048 (Low/Medium/High), 4096 (Very High)
  19. e_ShadowsResScale // Controls the resolution of shadow maps used for individual shadow casting lights. Value is an arbitrary multiplier, so doubling this will double the resolution of each light. Default Value: 3.4 (Low/Medium/High), 40 (Very High)
  20. e_ShadowsTessellateCascades "1" // Determines how many shadow cascades to apply tessellation for. A setting of 0 disables tessellation in all shadows.
  21. e_Tessellation // Enables or disables DX11 ALL tessellation. Default Value: Off (Low/Medium/High), On (Very High)
  22. e_TessellationMaxDistance "30" // Changes the distance in metres where tessellation will stop applying to objects
  23. e_ViewDistRatio // Controls how close objects will stop rendering in the distance. Default Value: 25 (Low), 35 (Medium) 100 (High/Very High)
  24. e_ViewDistRatioDetail // Controls how close certain objects marked as ‘detail’ by artists will stop rendering in the distance. Default Value: 19 (Low), 24 (Medium) 100 (High/Very High)
  25. e_ViewDistRatioVegetation // Controls how close vegetation will stop rendering in the distance. Default Value: 21 (Low), 31 (Medium) 100 (High/Very High)
  26. g_blaze_gamePort // The network port games connections will be made on.
  27. g_radialBlur "on" // Enables or disables the radial blur effect applied after an explosion.
  28. g_skipIntro "off" // Skips the introduction movies that play before the main menu at game boot.
  29. hud_canvas_width_adjustment "1.0" // Multiplayer only. Multiplies the width of the HUD’s virtual canvas in cases where it may overlap monitor boundaries in multi-monitor setups. NOTE: before this multiplier is applied, the HUD clamps itself to a 16:9 res.
  30. hud_hide "off" // If this cvar is true the HUD will be hidden from view completely. Suitable for screenshots or very immersive play. NOTE: This feature is not fully supported, and this cvar value might need to be reset in game, e.g. on loading a save.
  31. i_mouse_accel "0.0" // Set mouse acceleration, 0.0 means no acceleration.
  32. i_mouse_accel_max "100.0" // Set mouse max mouse delta when using acceleration.
  33. i_mouse_smooth "0.0" // Set mouse smoothing value, also if 0 (disabled) there will be a simple average between the old and the actual input. (1.0 = very very smooth, 30 = almost instant)
  34. net_blaze_voip_enable "on" // Toggles whether Blaze VOIP is enabled or not.
  35. net_blaze_voip_enable_ptt "on" // Toggles whether Blaze VOIP Push-to-talk is enabled or not.
  36. net_blaze_voip_playback_volume "1.0" // Sets the Blaze VOIP playback volume, in the range 0.0 to 1.0.
  37. pl_movement.power_sprint_targetFOV // The field of view while power sprinting
  38. r_ChromaticAberration "1.5" // Controls the level of the post-processing chromatic aberration. A value of 0.0 is off
  39. r_ColorGrading "on" // Enables or disables the artist controlled color grading post-processing effect.
  40. r_DepthOfField // Enables or disables the depth of field blur effect. Default Value: OnNOTE: Currently not tweakable in the latest build of the game. Will be tweakable soon.

  1. r_DrawNearFOV // the field of view for nearby objects (held weapon, etc)
  2. r_FogShadows // Enables or disables Real-time Volumetric Cloud Shadows. Default Value: Off (Low/Medium), On (High/Very High)
  3. r_FogShadowsWater // Enables or disables the Real-time Volumetric Shadows underneath water. Default Value: Off (Low), On (Medium/High/Very High)
  4. r_FullscreenPreemption "on" // When enabled, Pop-ups such as instant message windows and other focus-stealing windows will not minimise the game.
  5. r_FullscreenWindow "off" // When enabled, selecting ‘fullscreen’ in the menus will use a window that fills the screen, allowing easy alt-tab. Windowed mode will behave as normal.
  6. r_Gamma "1.0" // Changes the hardware gamma level. Affects desktop as well.
  7. r_HDRBloomRatio "0.15" // Controls the level of bloom used to simulate over-bright areas of the screen
  8. r_HDRBrightLevel "1.0" // Controls the brightness level threshold used to compute bloom
  9. r_HDRGrainAmount "0.0" // Controls the level of film grain applied to the final image to help alleviate artifacts from lack of colour precision in 32-bit colour displays. A value of 0.0 is off
  10. r_MGPU // Determines Multi-GPU support in engine. Default Value: Autodetect Disabled: No multi-GPU support. Forced: Multi-GPU support is force-enabled. Autodetect: CryEngine auto-detects whether or not to enable Multi-GPU support.
  11. r_overrideDXGIOutput // Gives the number of display to use when creating the game window. 0 is the default/primary monitor and 1, 2, etc are displays after that. Allows you to create the window on a different monitor from your primary monitor (e.g. a TV or other external display)
  12. r_Sharpening "0.25" // Controls the level of the post-processing image sharpening filter. Higher values give more sharpening, but too high values will create artifacts. A value of 0.0 is off
  13. r_SilhouettePOM // Enables or disables the Pixel Accurate Displacement Mapping (VERY GPU intensive). Default Value: Off (Low/Medium/High), On (Very High)
  14. r_ssao // Chooses the ambient occlusion method Default Value: SSAO (Low/Medium/High), SSDO (Very High). None: No ambient occlusion is used. SSAO: Screen-space Ambient Occlusion. SSDO: Screen-space Directional Occlusion.
  15. r_SSReflections // Enables or disables the Screen-Space reflections effect on glossy or reflective materials. Default Value: Off (Low/Medium/High), On (Very High)
  16. r_TessellationTriangleSize "8" // The length of a triangle edge in pixels to aim for when tessellating.
  17. r_TexturesStreamPoolSize // Sets the size of VRAM that is available in a pool for texture streaming. Value is in Megabytes, and may be clamped based on the amount of video memory detected. Default Value: 192 (Low), 384 (Medium), 512 (High/Very High)
  18. r_WaterTessellationHW // Enables or disables DX11 tessellation for the ocean water surface. Default Value: Off (Low/Medium/High), On (Very High)
  19. sys_MaxFps // Limits the frame rate to specified number. A value of 0 means no limit. 0
  20. s_DialogVolume "1.0" // Controls the volume of Dialog, in the range from 0.0 to 1.0.
  21. s_MusicVolume "1.0" // Controls the volume of Music, in the range from 0.0 to 1.0.
  22. s_SFXVolume "1.0" // Controls the volume of SFX, in the range from 0.0 to 1.0.