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Nikon´s High FPS CFG + Features

Hi all,
my new Config is finished and ready to Download.

Whats new ?

Grafik: Resolution Scale

1920x1080 / 16:9

Radar HUD is smaller now
Player HUD is now cyan and smaller

mouse changes:

i use Razer Taipan Mouse with DPI Settings 600-800-1400-1800-2200
with RAW Input.

Zoom Sens now Lower
Normal Sens is now Lower

include three new cfg files to load ingame a new crosshair.

to load my crosshairs use button:

kp_end" "exec crosshair1.cfg"
kp_downarrow" "exec crosshair2.cfg"
kp_pgdn" "exec crosshair3.cfg"


Num_1 " "exec crosshair1.cfg"
Num_2 " "exec crosshair2.cfg"
Num_3 " "exec crosshair3.cfg"

you have a problem with the gloom ingame ?

Press the F7 button and you can change the gamma value in three steps

Gamma 1.6 bright 2.2 middle 2.6 dark

you need to change your weapon in the left or right hand ?

Press the F5 button and you change it.


kopie ( ALL CFG FILES ) in you cs go cfg directory.


Screenshot from my thre Crosshairs: Pink Middle cyan large cyan small

i hope you like it.

bye Nikon

Game:   Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
User: Nikon
File(s): 5
Download: Download now: Nikon´s High FPS CFG + Features
Views: 6845
Downloads: 1199


StaaaRDK  July 26, 2015 04:07 AM

Man I think your config is good, I´m looking forward to try it,

1 (1 Vote)
Nikon  July 16, 2015 12:07 PM

Reolution addet

0 (0 Votes)
Nikon  July 16, 2015 12:07 PM

Oh Sorry forgott ^^

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GraBa  July 15, 2015 08:07 PM

Resolution? :D

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