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EonaCat CsGo Config

EonaCat csGoConfig

EonaCat Counter-Strike Global Offensive config

- A screenshot is made after the match
- Resolution is set to 2560x1440
- Game Sound continues playing when in background
- Mouse is enabled on the scoreboard when pressing the spacebar button
- Developer messages are shown in the console

- TAB: to check the scoreboard and net statistics
- N: Switch between left or right handed weapons
- Mousebutton3: Toggle bunnyhop ON or OFF
- F1: Autobuy
- F2: Rebuy previous
- F5: Create a JPEG screenshot
- F10: Toggle Crosshair Size
- F11: Switch Crosshairs
- F12: Create Steam Screenshot
- DEL: Reload configuration file

- ,: Enable or disable the in-game instructor for easy bomb find
- CAPSLOCK: Drop the C4 on the ground
- ALT: Jump throw a grenade
- [ : Enable EonaCat BotScript (For own server hosting)
- ] : Disable EonaCat BotScript (For own server hosting)

- HOME: Change crosshairColor
- INSERT: Change teamColor
- -: Disable or enable Sound of receiving voiceChats
- keypad_insert: buy kevlar and helmet
- keypad_del: buy kevlar
- keypad_enter: buy defuse kit
- keypad_end: buy handgrenade
- keypad_downArrow: buy flashbang
- keypad_pageDown: buy smokeGrenade
- keypad_leftArrow: buy desert eagle
- keypad_5: buy incendiary grenade
- keypad_rightArrow: buy decoy grenade
- keypad_home: buy AWP
- keypad_upArrow: buy M4A1 or AK47
- keypad_pageUp: buy FAMAS or Galilar
- keypad_slash: buy p90
- keupad_multiply: buy UMP45
- keypad_minus: buy sawedoff shotgun
- keypad_plus: buy p250
- keypad_dot: buy defuse kit, kevlar and helmet, grenade, 2 flashbangs, smokegrenade, molotov, incendiary grenade

As extra some launchOptions are included that need to be placed in the CS Global Offensive steam launchOptions
Also a font for the HUD has been added (just replace with your csgo folder (inside your Counter-Strike Global Offensive folder))

Game:   Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
User: anonymous
File(s): 1
Download: Download now: EonaCat CsGo Config
Views: 315
Downloads: 95


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