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CFG By Kuziem #FPS

Move all files to :

Steamuserdata<YOUR ID>730localcfg


Launch Options :

-novid -no-browser -d3d9ex -tickrate 128

Description :

-novid -> Starts the game without intro.

-no-browser -> Disables the MOTD browser.

-d3d9ex -> Reduces CPU memory usage; Faster ALT-TABBING.

-tickrate 128 -> Creates an offline game in 128 tickrate.


+Optional launch option (Slightly Smoother Gameplay) :

-refresh 75

Check out resolutions in NVIDIA or AMD control panel and look for a better refresh rate.
Click on every resolution available and see if it has more than 60Hz -> 75Hz, 85Hz etc.
Choose the resolution with better refresh rate in the game; not in NVIDIA/AMD panel.
Remember that you need stable 75+ fps (depends on Hz) for it to work properly.

SOME Examples :
-refresh 75
-refresh 85
-refresh 100
-refresh 120
-refresh 144
And so on. The higher the better.

To see if it is actually working use mat_info command in console and look for text like this
(red color; somewhere at the beginning) :

Display mode : 1280 x 1024 @75Hz


Recommended resolution :
1280x960 -> It has a wider angle of view and better image sharpness compared to lower resolutions such as 1024x768.
AND MOST IMPORTANT - player models are bigger.


How to use ps.cfg (PRACTICE SERVER CFG) :

Create competitive game with bots -> Open the console and type exec ps.cfg -> Have Fun!

Game:   Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
User: Kuziemmo
File(s): 5
Download: Download now: CFG By Kuziem #FPS
Views: 2569
Downloads: 844


Kuziemmo  November 30, 2019 12:11 PM

Sure, this is what happens when kids do it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

0 (0 Votes)
DanCheese3  November 23, 2019 02:11 AM

Really bad cfg.My frames dropped from 300+ to 100-120

-1 (1 Vote)

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