Nikon High FPS + Clean Optik! Update 2016 - GAMERCONFIG
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Nikon High FPS + Clean Optik! Update 2016

BF 4 HIGH FPS CFG Version 2.0

after a BF4 break i start now playing again.
And my New Config is now open for all.


Netsettings fix after Final Stand
Clean Optic for Sniper
Smoke are a bit visibel
Packet Lost fixed
Color Blind Optic
Full Mouse Controll Speed

Work for 1200 DPI up to 6400 DPI Mouses


Put PROFSAVE_profil.cfg in your Gamesettings Folder.
Example: C:UsersUsernameDocumentsBattlefield 4settings

Put the user.cfg in your Game Folder
Example: C:OriginGamesBattlefield 4

Start the Game and have fun :)

Game:   Battlefield 4
User: Nikon
File(s): 2
Download: Download now: Nikon High FPS + Clean Optik! Update 2016
Views: 11018
Downloads: 1681


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