BF 4 - FPS and Clean Optic CFG V1.2 - GAMERCONFIG
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BF 4 - FPS and Clean Optic CFG V1.2

BF 4 HIGH FPS CFG Version 1.2

Fixed Netsettings

Clean Optic for Sniper
Lower Smoke
Latenz Delay Fixed
Color Blind Optic
Full Mouse Controll Speed

Work for 1200 DPI up to 6400 DPI Mouses


Put PROFSAVE_profil.cfg in your Gamesettings Folder.
Example: C:UsersUsernameDocumentsBattlefield 4settings

Put the user.cfg in your Game Folder
Example: C:OriginGamesBattlefield 4

Start the Game and have fun :)

Game:   Battlefield 4
User: Nikon
File(s): 2
Download: Download now: BF 4 - FPS and Clean Optic CFG V1.2
Views: 9193
Downloads: 1101


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