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Best Config - Organized, Optimised, Smooth FPS, Scripts!

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Optimised Config in every Segment. Better Radar, HUD, Viewmodel, Smooth FPS and good Network Settings.
Also i have some basic Scripts in it wich you might wanna use!

Autoexec2 is a config without any personal Stuff and some explanation behind some Commands!
Autoexec is exact the way i use it!

You might wanna change or delete the binds, because i switched some for my personal prefrence. So if you want to keep the default setup, just delete "Binds" Tab!

For further Instructions make sure to read my Steam Guide:

I also recommend the Language Pack by Bananagaming:

Vibrance GUI:

Simple Radar:

Launch Options:
-novid -nojoy -language bananagaming -tickrate 128 +fps_max 500

Just make sure to put it in the right Folder!

YOUR STEAM FOLDER/Steam/userdata/YOUR STEAM ID/730/local/cfg

Then just open the game and type "exec autoexec" in the console!

Game:   Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
User: ChrisS
File(s): 2
Download: Download now: Best Config - Organized, Optimised, Smooth FPS, Scripts!
Views: 2505
Downloads: 606


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