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Amer 'Jigsaw142' Džambi?

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Full name Amer Džambi?
Member since July 31, 2016
Age / Gender 17 / Male
Nationality - en

Counter-Strike Jigsaw aim cfg v1 December 15, 2016
Counter-Strike Jigsaw November 4, 2016
Counter-Strike Jigsaw.cfg October 12, 2016
Counter-Strike Jigsaw_X7 W E L C O M E NAME: Jigsaw pasaa CFG NAME: Jigsawpasa.cfg CFG CRATOR: A ’Jigsaw’ Dž CFG DATE: 14.09.2016. MY CLAN : September 14, 2016
Counter-Strike Jigsaw MY CLAN : August 1, 2016
Counter-Strike Jigsaw_X5 W E L C O M E NAME: Jigsaw CFG NAME: Jigsaw_X5 CFG CRATOR: A ’Jigsaw’ Dž CFG DATE: 30.07.2016. MY CLAN : July 31, 2016


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